Enjoy the benefits of copper in a contemporary black finish!

On occasion clients tell me, although they love the benefits and characteristics of solid copper, they feel the shiny look of copper does not fit in with their style home or personal decorating tastes. Most often, these clients are looking for a finish that will blend in with a historic or rustic home but many are looking for a lighting design that works well with a contemporary decor.

Most of our dealers know that we offer an antique (bronze type) finish for clients who want the copper to look like it has already started the patina process for an “aged” look. However, I have talked to several dealers who were surprised to learn that we have a unique acid wash process to actually make the fixture a beautiful black satin or gunmetal finish for customers looking for that contemporary look. Imagine, a fixture that will last and perform like copper but doesn’t look like copper. The reason we use copper is for its durability to support our lifetime warranty on our fixtures. Until now, if one wanted a black finish on his or her landscape lighting fixtures, the main options were fixtures made from plastic or coated aluminum.

The next time your client says they don’t think copper will work for them, offer the black finish as an option and give them the best of both worlds ….. the finish they want AND the benefits of copper.




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6 responses to “Enjoy the benefits of copper in a contemporary black finish!

  1. It gives you the idea that MRH copper bullets have so many benefits. Thanks for this blog.

  2. Thanls Liz. Using copper for exterior lighting fixtures does have many benefits …. beauty, blends with nature, lasts for years, and environmentally friendly/sustainable as well.

  3. Fantastic product should make many happy for those who like the copper look.

  4. φωτιστικα

    Nice product. We love this blog.

  5. wow. Amazing idea. Thanks admin. 😀

  6. Thanks admin for sharing this. I’m so glad to visit your site. Worth to view 😀

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